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The first one-step new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit The first one-step new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit

4135 Time:2020-05-10 01:14:25

      There is an urgent need for a simple and rapid diagnosis method for the global pandemic of the new coronavirus. New coronavirus nucleic acid detection is the gold standard for diagnosis, but there are some problems in this method, such as complex process, complex operation, and the need for PCR laboratory, which greatly restrict the development of new coronavirus universal screening work, and it is difficult to achieve screening, "early detection and early isolation".

     The novel coronavirus PCR detection kit was developed by three months after the development of CoWin Bio. It finally broke through the bottleneck of the novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection.15 minutes to complete the whole process from sampling to detection;maintaining the highest sensitivity of qPCR detection;simple operation, only one fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument is needed for the detection equipment;the kit does not need cold chain transportation and storage, and is extremely suitable for screening scenarios such as communities, stations, airports, customs, supermarkets, schools, etc

    At present, the kit has obtained the EU CE certification.

    We will help the world fight against the new coronavirus epidemic and promote made in China to lead the world in the 21st century