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Drop PCR Mix(Dye)

Catalog number Specifications
CW2599M 5 ml

The Drop PCR Mix (Dye) includes all the elements required for PCR reaction, PCR stabilizers and enhancers. It has a high degree of tolerance for the concentration of each component in the PCR reaction. Without pipettes, the product can be added dropwise directly to the PCR tube with template and primers already added, to complete the reaction preparation.

This product is very stable and can be stored at 2-8°C for 6 months after first use. The DNA polymerase in this product is a hot-start polymerase, which can effectively reduce the amplification of non-specific PCR products. The preparation of the PCR reaction can be performed at room temperature. The first step of the PCR program must be at 95°C for 10 minutes. This product has been added with blue dye, and the PCR product can be directly loaded on electrophoresis gel after the reaction. Most of the PCR products have an "A" base attached to the 3' end, and therefore can be directly used for T/A cloning.

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