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MagBead DNA Purification Kit (for NGS Size Selection)

Catalog number Specifications
CW2508S 5 ml

This kit provides a simple, fast and efficient nucleic acid purification method. The product can be used for the selective or non-selective recovery of DNA during the construction of NGS library, as well as the purification and recovery of PCR products. After the CMPure beads are mixed with the sample in a certain proportion, the magnetic beads selectively adsorb the nucleic acid. After two steps of washing, the eluted DNA is of high purity. The A260/A280 ratio is between 1.7-1.9, and the A260/A230 ratio is usually above 2.0. The DNA purified by this kit is suitable for PCR, Real-Time PCR, sequencing, southern blotting and other experiments.

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