SuperFast Probe One Step RT-qPCR U+ Kit


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SuperFast Probe One Step RT-qPCR U+ Kit is designed specifically for quantitative PCR detection using RNA as a template, such as RNA viruses. Using gene-specific primers (GSPS), reverse transcription and qPCR reactions are performed in one tube without the need for additional tube opening/pipetting operations, greatly increasing assay throughput and reducing the risk of contamination. The dUTP/UNG anti-contamination system is introduced in this kit. Heat sensitive UNG can degrade U-containing pollutants rapidly at room temperature. Rapid inactivation of UNG by reverse transcription at 55°C did not affect the efficiency and sensitivity of qRT-PCR. Combined with optimized buffer system, antibody modified Taq enzyme and mutated M-MLV, the detection sensitivity of SuperFast Probe One Step RT-qPCR U+ Kit can reach 0.1pg total RNA or <10 copies of RNA template and has higher thermal stability. 5×SuperFast One Step RT-qPCR U+ Buffer contains optimized buffer system and dNTP/dUTP Mix, which is especially suitable for high specificity, low template concentration and multiple fast detection of fluorescent-labeled probes such as TaqMan.
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CW3327S 200 rxns

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent

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